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See how easy and fast it is to use Armor All® Custom Shield coating! For more ideas click here!

Spray On

Get professional looking results quickly and easily with Armor All® Custom Shield Coating. Click here to see how!

Peel Off

When its time to reapply a fresh coat or try out a new color, its very easy to peel off the coating without any residue left behind. Click here to see how!

Introducing new Armor All® Custom Shield Coating

It’s the only product of its kind specially designed for automotive use that offers you exceptional protection for your car’s body and paint while being easy to spray on and peel off.

Starter Kit

This kit contains what you'll need to get you going on your project. Kit includes:

  • 1 can Armor All® Custom Shield Coating
  • Painter's tape for edging
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

This $30 starter kit is yours for only $24.99!


Car Bra Kit

Protect your hood from unsightly nicks and scratches that are unavoidable hazards of everyday driving. Traditional car bras are expensive and difficult to maintain, especially when dirt gets trapped under the car bra and scratches the finish. With the easy to apply, quick drying Armor All® Custom Shield Coating, you get the protection of car bras without all the hassle. Once its time to replace, just peel off the coating with your fingers. Spray on peel off protection without the hassle. The Car Bra Kit includes:

  • Painter’s Tape
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth – soft, non-abrasive and lint free
  • One Armor All® Custom Shield™ Coating aerosol can
  • Tips on how to best apply a car bra on your car